Welcome to our new Funkee Monkee website!

For those who don’t know us, Funkee Monkees is a small play based cafe ideal for families of children from nursery to 8 years. It is a place children can come with parents or carers for a treat or a cafe meal and are not restricted to having to sitting still. Children can play while parents, grandparent or carers can relax and still keep an eye on what their child is doing. We are introducing activities, craft, music and storytelling and hope to make these a regular part of the programme. Some activities will have a minimal cost to cover  materials, while some will be free. We encourage you to Like us on Facebook or Twitter, to get updates when these are scheduled and you will also be able to take advantage of all our special deals.

Don’t forget to check out the party plans! Funkee Monkees is also a great place to have a relaxing party.  We have new options for parties so parents can have a choice of foods. Private hires are also available  after hours or on Sundays. While a private hire usually means just hire of the hall, there are additional options for catering.

We have a lot of plans which we want to implement over the next year so we hope you will come and visit, tell your friends and invite them in. We would love to say hello!


  • February 24, 2016
  • News

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