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If you have children you will be aware that everyday life can be a challenge. To pass on skills to children so they will  be able to negotiate what life throws at them, parents need to have skills and tools necessary. If you are balancing a job, commitments, schooling with family life, things can get complicated!

kids-143022_640Funkee Monkees is committed to finding  effective avenues to help children and families develop secure, respectful relationships that foster a bright future. We will be bringing you resources put together by Bare Hands an organisation of Brisbane based psychotherapists and allied health professionals who saw an urgent need in our communities. They have developed  a programme called Resilient Families.  Funkee Monkees will be sharing their weekly articles  and resources which focus on the HOW of essential skills in communication, conflict resolution and emotional self-regulation with a special focus on the challenges experienced by parents and caregivers. Grounded in clinical experience, the articles are practical and to the point, helping parents and caregivers develop skills and strategies for life, which can then be modelled for children. We all know the power of leading by example and Resilient Families taps into this very effectively. It all comes down to resilient adults nurturing resilient children!

Children are our future and with the team at Bare Hands,  and they deserve access to the skills needed to negotiate life’s twists and turns. Funkee Monkees hope you will find ideas and answers with the  Resilient Families programme to achieve this.


Week 1: Make time to play…kid-1241817_640

“The opposite of play is not work. It’s depression.”* Does that surprise you? You may have heard the saying that “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” Perhaps we could add, “All work and no play, makes Jill feel exhausted and overwhelmed.”



play-stone-1744790_640Week 2: Beat the cranky pants syndrome…

Are you a mum with the best of intentions, yet somedays the cranky pants syndrome grips you before you know it and you find yourself reacting to a small thing, way out of proportion to the event? Maybe someone drops something on the floor and you quickly fly into overwhelm? We all have moments like that. If we keep having them though, we can really start to hurt the relationships and people we care about the most.